Learning Disability Awareness


Learning Disability Awareness Training is a taught session aimed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to support and effectively communicate with someone who has a learning disability. Our instructor specialising in this area is a Senior Occupational Therapist with extensive history on supporting those with complex physical and learning disabilities in a variety of settings. 
This 1.5-hour session will begin with understanding what a learning disability is and how it can present. The instructor will then go through a brief introduction into the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA), why it is important to understand and consolidate the 5 principles of the MCA. If you are working in a clinical setting we will outline important documentation to have to help support the individual and their families/carers and to help guide your input. 
Understanding the environment and the impact the environment can have on someone with sensory needs is important to understanding when supporting someone with a learning disability. Our instructor will give you a basic insight into understanding the senses and how to adapt your environment to ensure comfort and co-operation from someone who may struggle to regulate their senses. 
Communication is key when supporting someone with a learning disability and establishing that professional rapport. When communicating with an individual it is important to have an understanding of their communication ability, any equipment they use to support and to establish a base of trust between yourselves. Similarly, with manual handling, if you are required to provide hands on support to an individual there are important factors to consider. 
The training finishes with an overview of challenging behaviours and what can be done to prevent someone from becoming aggressive or distressed. 

This training can be delivered face to face, via video call or through an e-learning session. Our instructor is keen to ensure each service has training that is specific to their circumstances and when/where you might support someone with a learning disability. If booking a video training session or some face to face training our instructor will contact you beforehand to find out about your situation to create a bespoke training package. 


Maximum 30 per course. 


2 hours.


Face to face session/Zoom session: £300

All prices are excluding VAT. 


Candidates will receive a Zone Safety Training certificate.

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